Karen Melfi Collection

Daniel O'Driscoll

Daniel's work can be seen at

James Kallas Jewelers

2801 Rodeo Rd
Suite B10
Sante Fe, NM 87507
(505) 986-1955

"I feel I am now at a point of skill and creativity that I can finally come close to expressing what I have felt possible for many years.  I now live and have my studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This magnificent high desert community has nurtured many artistic spirits over the centuries.  While living in wild places since childhood I often awoke with inspired dreams of creations I was working on.  The Mother of all inspiration for me, has always been Nature.  This new collection is inspired by over a year of such early morning awakenings. I sincerely hope this new collection, and ones to follow, will inspire and bring joy to your life."