Karen Melfi Collection

Each new series I design reflects my interaction and response to the diverse textural patterns and designs nature has to offer. It also allows me experimentation into a new realm of metal design, texture, color and shape. To stay inspired each series has to be different has to teach me something new otherwise the creative process would feel stifled. I find myself balancing on the edge of safety from what I have already learned and the excitement and anticipation of what is yet to be discovered. Making jewelry allows me to interact with others’ celebration of life’s milestones.  To create a design that represents my collectors’ milestones, be it an engagement, birthday, anniversary, graduation, heirloom or a congratulatory piece for just making it through a tough time, is one of the most endearing and satisfying reasons for making jewelry in the first place.

Debra Colonna

Debra's work can bee seen at: