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The Diane Dorsey collection elegantly combines the rich inspiration of ancient jewelry traditions to create modern artifacts.

Her cast pieces are handcrafted entirely in recycled 18K gold, sterling silver and utilize hand-cut gemstones. Diane’s one-of-a-kind jewelry, inspired by cultures from around the world, combines extraordinary and unconventional elements, creating rare objects of beauty. 

Educated as a painter and architect, her life-long creative endeavors have come together to form her unique vision and aesthetic; an eye for color, texture and form infused with sophistication and a modern edge.

“The process of working with noble metals and gemstones reminds me to slow down and to be patient, to observe with focused attention.  I admire the innate and essential qualities of the materials; it’s quiet, challenging and intimate work.  In jewelry making I’ve found my peace and my place.”

Diane lives in Tesuque, New Mexico with its lush vegetation and the Tesuque River enveloped with the surrounding high desert mountains; a rare place full of the organic forms revealed again and again in her work.  Her influences are a merging of ancient metalsmithing and beadwork, talismans and minimalist, organic sculptural forms.

Diane Dorsey