Elyria Jewels~Elisa Browsh

           Elyria can be found at :


1130 PEARL ST                     530 RAMONA ST. 

BOULDER, CO                      PALO ALTO, CA

Karen Melfi Collection

Elisa Browsh founded Elyria as an import company specializing in rare and unusual Tahitian pearls. For over a decade, Elyria supplied pearls to jewelers and designers as Browsh traveled in Asia and the South Pacific seeking the most unique and beautiful pearls available.

Today, Elyria Jewels is known for its own fashion-forward jewelry collections. Balancing industrial chic with a luxurious, bohemian aesthetic, Browsh incorporates her beloved pearls into sophisticated silver and gold jewelry. Her work is inspired by influences as diverse as tribal adornment and vintage Cartier.