Karen Melfi Collection

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​​​​Karen Melfi Collection Jewelry Artists

KAREN MELFI:   "Pure Elegance in Raw Diamond Designs"

GILDA BAKER:   "Beads of Love"

JOHANNA & KEITH BERGE:  "Natural Color Diamonds & High Karat Chainmaille"

ELISA BROWSH~Elyria Jewels:  "Old World Meets Contemporary, Black Chain and Stones"

DEBRA COLONNA:  "Elegant Designs of Peace, Inspiration and Awareness"

MICHELLE DAVIS:  "Mixed Metals, Modern Surprises"

MELANIE DELUCA:  "Ancient Materials ~ Limitless Expression"

​TONY FINOCCHIO~MetalRock Designs:  "Free Spirited Creations in Mixed Metals"

HEATHER HANLEY:  "Rich Cultural Influences"

MIRANDA HICKS:  "Pyrite and Silver Collection"

RYAN GARDNER:  "Playful Exploration of Stone and Metal"  

DOUG MOORE:   Classic and Western

DOUG MOORE'S  "Long Live Cowgirls"

DANIEL O'DRISCOLL:  "Refined Form, Luxurious Texture"

​JUDY PERLMAN:   Contemporary Silver Design:  "Cultural Inspiration, Stone Infatuation"

MELINDA RISK:  "Personal Jewels of Captured Beauty"

ELIZABETH RODGERS:   "Hand Fabricated Favorites"


PAM SPRINGALL:   "Original Designs:  Pearls, Silver & Gold"

WES AND GOLD:   Titanium Stacking Rings
ROGER WILBUR:   "Exceptional Channel Inlay" 

LORENA ANGULO:  "Handcrafted Jewelry with Soul"

SO YOUNG PARK: "Forged from Nativity and Memories"

PENNEY BIDWELL: Ceramic Artist "Life is a Circus"

JWARE COLLECTION: "Hardware Made Elegant"

MARIO CHAVEZ: "Old School" Hand Fabrication

​DIANE DORSEY: " Close to Nature" 

​CAROLINE DOUGLAS: "Dream World Inspiration"

KIM YUBETA: "From the Heart, Treasure Necklaces"