Judy Perlman has worked in jewelry design and fabrication for more than 50 years. With a degree from the University of New Mexico in anthropology and arts, Judy finds inspiration in the artistic expressions of numerous cultures.  Tribal motifs, in particular, inform her work, though more recently, Judy has been motivated by the endless variety and freedom of Japanese textile designs.  She appreciates art and design that demand attention—and hopes her own jewelry lives up to this standard. “How do I work?  I surround myself with interesting materials; I’ll go out on a buying spree and become instantly seduced by a new gem or stone.  When I get home I will realize that I have no vision for it. I often live with these things for months, if not years, before I realize what they need to be.” All of Judy’s jewelry is handmade from sterling silver; the stones and pearls are individually selected for their interesting shapes, color, clarity and perfection.  Judy lives with a large menagerie in the high desert outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Judy Perlman

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