Karen Melfi Collection

Jware Collection 

I am originally from Boulder, Colo., and have been living in Scottsdale since attending college at Arizona State University. Since college I've worked in corporate sales while raising my two children.

I took a leap into the jewelry-making business in 2013. My inspiration was initiated while creating a project using household washers. I saw beyond the predictability and hardness of the washers and was able to see its distinction and elegance. I began to visualize creative creations using an unconventional medium...hardware! I suddenly began transforming hardware parts into unique jewelry pieces. Through the challenges I found excitement and fun!

I studied the art of jewelry making at Harold Studio in Phoenix, which was instrumental in honing my skills.

During the past three years, my distinct designs have helped me brand my collections. My brand Jware has five lines named Jewels, Washerize, Autobahn, Revolve and Enlighten. I also have a series of Signature Statement necklaces that I have named after their personalities. 

I'm thrilled to have found my passion in designing jewelry. Staying true to my "Love of hardware."