Karen Melfi Collection

Melinda's work can be found at:

Form and Concept Gallery

435 S Guadalupe St

Santa Fe, NM 87501

 (505) 216-1256

In the more than 20 years that I have been designing and creating jewelry, my work has become increasingly personal to me, and I hope that the jewels I create also become personal to those who own them.

My ideas come from nature and my life experiences. My subject matter varies from birds and bugs to dolls, music and lyrics, spirituality and infinitely more. I capture the beauty of each idea by selecting outstanding characteristics to tell a story. My designs blur the lines between art and craft, which renders each work into a piece of sculpture that happens to be wearable. I translate my ideas into a visually pleasing story by blending archival quality with creative engineering combining gold, silver, wood, porcelain, diamonds and gemstones. It is my belief that art requires an understanding and an ability to create with excellent craftsmanship as expressed in my metal techniques of fabricating, casting, forging, enameling, granulation and carving.


My work has been sold in galleries all over the country as well as published in 500 Gemstone Jewels by Lark Books and New Rings, Designs from Around The World, by Nicolas Estrada

Melinda Risk